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About Ann

Ann Wheal‘s books


Ann’s latest book, about old age, is now available.

Price £6.99 plus p&p

It makes an ideal Christmas gift.



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Alice and her friends their stories

Alice is a very independent minded woman in her 80’s who is suddenly faced with the prospect of not being able to drive her car any more and, as she sees it, losing her independence. The decision has made her reminisce but her humour and sense of fun always shine through.

Alice tells the stories of people she has met. There are stories of young women during the War which are both poignant and humorous; a life story from someone who gave up being a priest to marry for love; the life and times of a ‘wag’ who managed Great Britain’s hockey team; two interviews of women who are still working well into their seventies plus a successful internet dater and a rather sad tale of someone whose father has died.

Assumptions about old age and what it is or is not best for the older person permeate the book.

Different media is used - letters, blogs, interviews, text messages, Twitter and Facebook posts and transcripts of radio recordings.

In all, a thoroughly entertaining, enlightening and thought provoking book. A good read for anyone interested in people’s lives and in the myths and realities of getting old and enjoying it.